A couple of (security) updates

August 3, 2007

So far, I have been trusting Debian (security) updates rather blindly, but in the future I’d prefer a simple tool for inspecting changelogs or similar on what’s being specifically addressed …

# aptitude update
# aptitude --show-versions upgrade
The following packages will be upgraded:
  bind9-host [1:9.3.4-2 -> 1:9.3.4-2etch1]
  dnsutils [1:9.3.4-2 -> 1:9.3.4-2etch1] file [4.17-5etch1 -> 4.17-5etch2]
  libbind9-0 [1:9.3.4-2 -> 1:9.3.4-2etch1]
  libdns22 [1:9.3.4-2 -> 1:9.3.4-2etch1]
  libisc11 [1:9.3.4-2 -> 1:9.3.4-2etch1]
  libisccc0 [1:9.3.4-2 -> 1:9.3.4-2etch1]
  libisccfg1 [1:9.3.4-2 -> 1:9.3.4-2etch1]
  liblwres9 [1:9.3.4-2 -> 1:9.3.4-2etch1]
  libmagic1 [4.17-5etch1 -> 4.17-5etch2]

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